Harry then did something that was both very brave and very stupid. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (page 176) or as I like to call it: A summary of all seven Harry Potter books summed up in one sentence.  (via scribbledwriting) Friday Sep 26 @ 01:05am


soup is the best tbh nothing fills you up like an enormous bowl of soup and it’s not a bloaty full either it’s like a warm soothing full that hugs you from the inside

Friday Sep 26 @ 01:05am

Friday Sep 26 @ 01:01am

The gatsby movie is even more awesome when you’re drunk


Friday Sep 19 @ 11:42pm



Tuesday Sep 16 @ 01:40am
4,793 plays // Download?


I Want It That Way || Backstreet Boys

Tuesday Sep 16 @ 01:35am

Tuesday Sep 16 @ 01:32am


Do you ever ‘wtf white people’ even though you are a white people.

Tuesday Sep 16 @ 01:32am



"Losing your virginity" will henceforth be called "your sexual debut".

Because you’re not fucking losing anything.


Tuesday Sep 16 @ 01:26am
I’m an adult, but not like a real adult anyone between the ages of 18 and 25 (via prettyboystyles)

Could probably stretch that up to 35 tbh

(via robosuplex) Tuesday Sep 16 @ 01:23am

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